Faith Community Church

Encouraging A Generation of Change-Makers

Faith Community Church

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Our History

Faith Community Church is a church that will engage, encourage, and equip a generation of change makers. Rather than build an institution with every Christian amenity to make members more comfortable, we will use our time, skills, and resources to enable and empower our members to affect change in their communities according to their individual God-given passions.

The original building and sign ca. 1965

The original building and sign ca. 1965

Started in 1963 as a house church, Faith Community Church was originally incorporated as First Baptist Church of Rohnert Park. In 1964 the property on Boris Court was purchased and the building was raised. In 1995 First Baptist Church changed its name to Faith Community Church of Rohnert Park while maintaining our affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Today, we maintain a conservative doctrine and understanding of the scriptures while expressing our faith and celebrating God in a more contemporary format. Form and style are issues never addressed in scripture and our membership determines what our worship services look like by the expression of their heart for God. With a blend of hymns and modern worship music we celebrate the goodness of God and seek him through His word, prayer, and fellowship in worship.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe in one God, Yahweh, the Creator of heaven and earth. We believe that this one God eternally exists in the Father, the Son--our Lord Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he was born of the virgin Mary and is fully God and fully man, that he was crucified for our sins, buried, and on the third day (the first day of the week) rose from the dead and now sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saints. We believe that God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit) lives in and among the global church, manifesting His presence in many ways (often referred to as the gifts of the Holy Spirit), enabling the people of God to fulfill the great purpose of God.

We believe that eternal life begins now and will be fully realized at the return of Christ Jesus when all sin is judged and our fallen world is made new and whole. We believe that through faith in Jesus we are freed from the rule and reign of sin and brought into the family and kingdom of God to live under the rule and reign of Christ, not under the letter of the law, but in the spirit of the law which measures the motives and intentions of the heart, not our religious efforts.  We believe that all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds will be saved and that the church is called to engage and encourage the world with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, given to us to reveal the glory, greatness, and goodness of God, his purpose, and our place in his created order. Through it's message we are convicted of sin, righteousness, and our need for a Savior - Jesus Christ. The Bible provides the foundation of all we are and do.

We believe that the church is the Body of Christ - the physical representation of the Spirit and will of God. The church is not perfect. We are all on a journey of faith, coming out of our sinful, self-centered lives and into new life in Christ as we learn to love God, love one another, and love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that the church needs to make a difference in order to actually be the church, and by God's grace, we will do so.

The July 14, 2000 Baptist Faith and Message is our adopted statement of faith. Please see that publication, or ask us for a copy, for more details regarding our core beliefs.

Our Leadership


Michael Hayward has served as our Lead Pastor since 2004. He and his wife Patricia have been members of our fellowship since 1995 and have served as teachers, youth leaders, in the deacon ministry, and Michael was eventually called to serve as pastor. Michael graduated Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley (now called Gateway Seminary) and in addition to preaching and teaching at Faith Community has published several books and has been privileged to speak to classes, at retreats, and various events. Michael lives in Cotati with his wife and five children.  

Christopher Moghtaderi (pronounced "mota-dairy") was called to serve as our Youth Pastor in 2010. A product of sunny Southern California, Chris comes to us from an Assemblies of God background and brings with him a passion for a vibrant walk with God. In addition to youth, pastor Chris serves our college and career age young adults, and leads worship for our Sunday morning meetings. Chris lives in Rohnert Park with his wife and two daughters.

Ralph and Judy.jpg

Ralph and Judy Hayward oversee the administrative operations. Ralph is FCC's Treasurer and Administrator, overseeing the budget and building and grounds teams. Judy is the church secretary and keeps Pastor Mike on task.

Janine Origer gives leadership, direction, and oversight to our educational efforts. She coordinates curriculum and classes for the children as well as adults.

The membership of Faith Community is responsible for all our outreach efforts in the community.

Deacon Ministry: Our deacons are co-ministers with the pastors and church leaders and help care for our membership by meeting needs within the fellowship. Our deacons are Blaine and Candace Beveridge, Bill and Jane Bailey, and Fred and Mary Daniels